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SoReal Productions (SRP) is a Company dedicated to creating family-friendly plays and productions that all can enjoy, as well as educating the communities on the Art of Theater and social issues. SRP produces, directs, writes and tours with various productions that seek to positively change lives and families. SRP is best-known for the gospel stage play, “Deception” Written by Tina Wright and Chris Scott., which toured in Atlanta, New York, and the South Florida area. The company was founded by Chris Scott and Tina Wright and a group of women in 1998 who wanted to bring social change and awareness through the Arts in St. Lucie County, Florida.  


We specialize in classic plays, such as A Raisin in the Sun, Livin' Fat Comedy Stage Play, A Lesson Before Dying, A Soldier's Play and many others.




Through SoReal Productions, Director/Executive Producer Chris Scott, has transformed the lives of many adult and children actors over the last 20 years through her ability to utilize techniques in coupling directing with teaching to create amazing theater and film productions.


She is skilled in working with Actors to improve in their craft, career and personal life.She has coached indi-viduals as well as groups to achieve their goals in the Arts.


Director Scott has been involved in theater for over 37 years and has spent time gracing the stage of

New York City as an actress for several of those years.  She is owner of Trinity Performing Arts Academy and has a desire to share the Art of Theater with those who desire to learn. 


Her efforts of teaching the children in the community in Drama and how to communicate more effectively in their future endeavors has proven to be successful.  Several of her plays have toured in various Cities and participated in many theater festivals throughout the country.











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